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Staging the Digital: Scenography on the Margins

dIGITAL sET dESIGN is a UK based creative practice specialising in interactive mixed reality spaces for performance and installation led by Roma Patel.  Projects span from site-specific scenography to augmented reality storytelling exhibitions. We recently began developing interactive spaces for children using sensors, wearable and DIY digital technologies to make interactive scenography.

The Castle
The Long Gallery- Inside the Castle- AR Screen Shot - Riot1831 at Nottingham Castle, 2014

The Enchanted Forest


The Enchanted Forest Tour

Techtopia Festival- Polka, London  24th -27th May 2018

The Enchanted Forest is a participatory installation for children 0-10 years and their grownups. It prioritises children’s engagement by weaving together children’s ideas with fairy folktales, myths and interactive technologies, to create a space for playful imaginings, interactions, performance and storytelling. It originally opened at Theatre Hullabaloo on the 11th December 2017 and ran till 5th May 2018.

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“She who wanders through a building or a site acts precisely like a film spectator absorbing and connecting visual spaces. The changing position of a body in space creates both architectural and cinematic grounds. The consumer of architectural (viewing) space is the prototype of the film spectator. ” 

Bruno, Giuliana “Visual Studies: Four Takes on Spatial Turns.” Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians 65(1)(March 2006):23-34.

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Sketch of the audience 3 hour journey through 'The Merchant of Venice', Site-specific Performance, Corcadorca Theatre, Cork City, 2005
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