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Digital Set Design was set up in 2000 by Roma Patel.  Specialising in designing scenography for theatres, site-specific performance and interactive installations. Projects usually involve collaborating with a variety of theatre-makers, artists, sound designers, performers and creative technologists. Technologies we use are affordable and offer a variety of hardware solutions and versatility for small and medium scale performance and installation.

Interactive mixed reality performances offer audiences new ways of experiencing narrative and stories, especially young children. Integrating digital technologies in a theatre environment is challenging, but with the increasing reliability and development of the Internet of Things, AR, sensors, tangible interfaces, wearables, open source and digital DIY technologies there is potential for making richer sensory experiences.


Scenographer and digital artist that designs interactive and site-specific performance, theatre and digital installations in the UK and Europe. Her work focuses on the points of intersection between scenography and interactive technologies. Her current work merges electronic and wearable technology in scenography for theatre early years and is influenced by her work with the Irish site-specific theatre company Coracadorca, large-scale immersive and site-specific theatre performance in old buildings, streets and ponds and the growing accessibility of tangible and wearable technologies.  She was also one of the main Artists and researchers that developed Riots1831, Nottingham Castle Augmented Reality (AR) experience (Digital R&D grant). The project made a case for storytelling as a vital ingredient for sustained museum visitor engagement in AR experiences.

Merchant of Venice-Travelling to Belmont, Projections of the Sea


Her design for the site-specific production of the Tempest (2006) is in the permanent collections of the Victoria and Albert Theatre Museum since 2008. Roma has designed sets, installation and projections for several theatre companies since 1998 including; Theatre Hullabooloo (2017), City Arts (2016), Lakeside Arts Centre (2015), London International Festival of Theatre (1998, 2000 & 2004), Theatre Centre (2007-8), Corcadorca Theatre Company, Cork (2005,6,12) and Manchester Library Theatre (2005-6). Roma has also worked as a Theatre Design lecturer for several UK Universities and has facilitated several workshops on digital crafting and prototyping with children, design students, the elderly and staff at care centres in Nottingham.

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I believe that embedded tangible and electronic scenography can enable new forms of interactivity while still serving its purpose as a scenographic element. During my PhD studies at Horizon CDT and the Mixed Reality Lab, University of Nottingham, I worked with the technologies used in the Enchanted Forest and studied how children under four years old interacted with them. Sensory and interactive spaces offer children and their grownups more agency and freedom to play.

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