Six Acts Project

 The undercroft of Bethlehem Chapel (Betlémská kaple), Prague

Act 2, 12 Iron Sandals , an installation 16th-21st June 2011

Six Acts project - SCENOFEST Educational project of OISTAT and the Prague Quadrennial. An ensemble of students from across the globe led by six leading artists to create six site-specific acts – installations and performances in buildings around Prague. Five international student teams, each led by an artist of international repute from the performing and visual arts - Uwe Köhler (Germany), Louise Ann Wilson (UK), Rolf Abherhalden (Columbia), Roma Patel (UK), and Tomas Zizka (Czech Republic), will create a series of performances and installations over consecutive days during the Prague Quadrennial in June, 2011. The Sixth Act will consist of a “way-finding” workshop led by international artistic leader Fiona Watt (UK) that will help audiences to find the Acts and the Acts to find their audiences.


Drummonds Wool Mill, Bradford

The Mill – City of Dreams’ is a theatre production that will take place in the heart of Manningham at Drummonds Mill, Lumb Lane from 29th March to 16th April 2011.

Freedom Studios presents a site-specific community performance about the history of Drummond Mills, it will tell the story of Bradford today, shaped by its rich history and the people who live here. Drummonds Mill closed its doors over 8 years ago. See some of the early design ideas here that I have been working on.


Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama

The Castle Grounds, North Rd, Cardiff |Monday Friday 9.30am to 8pm| Saturday and Sunday10am to 5pm |Entrance to this exhibition is free to the general public.

On March 18th The Society of British Theatre Designers will present the National exhibition Transformation & Revelation’ UK Design for Performance 2007 – 2011 at the RWCMD in Cardiff. This is a unique opportunity to preview this extraordinary collection of work before it travels in part to represent the UK at the 2011 Prague Quadrennial International Exhibition this summer.


"In the theatre of the past that is constituted by memory, the stage setting maintains the characters in their dominant roles. At times we think we know ourselves in spaces of being stability- a being who does not want to melt away, and who, even in the past, when he sets out in search of things past, wants time to suspend its flight. In its countless alveoli, space contains compressed time that is what space is for." ....The Poetics of Space, G.Bachelard
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