SKELETONS OF FISH Written and conceived by Keith Antar Mason and Joseph Jones

Directed by Keith Antar Mason & Joseph Jones

Performers: Eugene Biggs
Teo Castellanos | Idrissa Ekundayo | Kwesi Johnson | Joseph Jones | Abi Lawal | Andrew Long | Keith Antar Mason | Thomasi McDonald | Byrd Wilkins

Scenography – Roma Patel

Choreography – Keith Antar Mason

Lighting – Ian Scott

Sound – Nick Manning

CompanyStage Manager – Kevin Kiely

DeputyStage Manager – Caroline Towl

Assistant Stage Manager – Christina Johannessen

Costumes made by 2nd Year Costume Interpretation Students at Wimbledon School of Art

Masks made by – Malin Lindholn


The move to Real-time Sets :( Update)

The theater provided me with the plans and elevations in AutoCAD format and these were imported into 3D Studio Max, where all the 3D modeling was done. The resulting designs were presented in the form of a video walkthrough of the theater and set and printed stills from the set design. There were some hands-on sessions with the Directors using the 3D model, but since at that point the set was not in a real-time format, this was limited.

Therefore the next step was to transfer the model into a real-time interactive format, in October 2001, I collaborated with the Netherlands based Company Letslook to transfer the existing 3D theater model of the Riverside Studio and Sets into real-time, using Quest3D a new interactive software, as a result we have created real-time functions such as, interactive lighting, switching of sets and objects.(see article published in 3D Artist Magazine issue 46).

3D realtime model of can be download for off line viewing now Realtime Set Download ( PC version only)

The Design Diary :Working Across Borders

A practical example of using Computer Aided Design & the Internet for Remote Co-operative Working amongst Theatre Practitioners in the USA & UK . Working across borders contains the designs diary of the scenographer Roma Patel from April to June 2001 for Skeletons of Fish, commissioned and produced by LIFT .[London International Festival of Theatre]

These pages were set up to communicate my design ideas to a team of people- the directors Keith Antar Mason, who is based in the USA, , Joseph Jones in UK and the production team at LIFT's Office. As I worked, I published the designs on the site and e-mail the updated links to the Team. They then e-mail or called me with their concerns about the design, the budget, etc., this communication continued in this way until mid May when the entire Company and the production team was brought together in London for 8 weeks.

The Story :Twelve men have been blasted through time, re–born in the sweltering, sulphur–filled air of the prison–asteroid Planet Alabama. Looking back light years, the prisoners pick at the bleached bones of the history of the African diaspora. They remember scenes from their past lives, written in the memory, on the body, in their DNA, fossils in the sand. Fragments and stories from ancient Troy, the Hittite Empire, Mississippi, Buenos Aires, Strangeways, LA, Kemet, North London, Greece– are conjured to life as they enact a series of compelling rituals. Strange fetishes, furious word–smithery, Butoh dance, timeless drumming, hip–hop rhythms, cyber–imagery all melt and merge in the time–warp. The pressure's rising in this full–on, fast–talking, sky–walking, myth–making last–ditch dash for freedom.