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               “Virtual reality (VR) has allowed for clever recreations of the past, and interactive tours of historical places” BBC online Review.

The Living Image is an immersive Virtual Reality Art Installation developed by a multidisciplinary team of artists- comprising –   Roma Patel, Trudi Entwistle, Graham Nicholls it was commissioned by LIFT (London International Festival of Theatre) and was presented in association with the London Science Museum’s Dana Centre in May 2004. 

 The Living Image really is a different kind of art – fitting for the Dana Centre, which hosts cutting-edge events and debates on science, technology and culture. Culture24 Review

Medium– 3D realtime computer models with embedded videos, sounds and photographs projected in stereo onto a large curved screen.


Read about the making of the project in the chapter entitled- Collaborative Explorations in   The Potentials of Spaces: The Theory and Practice of Scenography & Performance, edited by Alison Oddey, Christine A. White, Christine White

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