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An Interactive Hide and Seek Adventure Performance

Lakeside Arts Centre, Performance Studio, Nottingham

January 2017

The Runaway Hare is an interactive Hide and Seek adventure performance for Toddlers and their Grown-ups.   The audience is invited to become part of the story and join the performer in a curious, playful and sensory journey through a digital enchanting performance.

The show in collaboration the Lakeside Art Centre and developed and designed by the Theatre Designer Roma Patel, as part of her PhD research at the University of Nottingham, Horizon Digital Economy Research and Mixed Reality Lab. Her research is focused on ways to promote and harnesses young audiences’ innate playful nature through the design of interactive, digitally enhanced visual and sensory performance spaces. The performance engages the audience as co-creators interacting and playing with the scenography. Some of the activities were child-led which allows them to influence the action, choose where to play and how to collaborate with the performer.


“He absolutely loved it and was so engaged and switched on. Since the show he says ‘harr’ and makes ears with hands. He also tries to hop as well.” parent –Post show  survey

When the tools evolve with the design, the discoveries and learning are facilitated by the tools, not limited by their parameters. It is only when theatre designers use these technologies in performance can we have a dialogue about how they can be embedded and developed for the needs of theatre.

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