It is time that set designers embrace digital technology as an essential tool in their work.

Their existing skills - designing sets and costumes, technical drawing, making models - are still wholly relevant in virtual set design. Many conventional skills are transferable and the new mediums need not alienate the scenographer.

There is a wide variety of 2D and 3D software. I have use a few of the more popular software applications-

I usually begin by creating an accurate virtual model of the entire theatre/ studio/ space by using 2D CAD (Computer Aided Design) plans. I also use my photographs or sketches of the space to help develop the model.



There have been positive developments in the area of 2D CAD within several British theatres and organisations in the last few years

A library of theatre plans is under development and there are plans to have some of these CAD plans made available on the Association for British Theatre Technicians' (ABTT) website in the near future. This will definitely make the work of the designer easier.

Please click on the topics below to see tutorials/ examples of how the computer software can be used in your studio practice: