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about Roma Patel

Roma mainly designs for performances and immersive installations. She recently completed a PhD that investigated the design and interactive scenography in Theatre for Early years. Her work and research focus on the points of intersection between scenography and interactive technologies. Roma’s design for the site-specific production of the Tempest (Corcadorca) is in the permanent collections of the Victoria and Albert Theatre Museum (2008). She is currently a visiting artist at the Mixed Reality Lab, University of Nottingham, and was the Artist in resident at Festival of Science and Curiosity 2020-201. Her collaborative digital commissions include Riots1831, an augmented reality, mobile app, and exhibition at Nottingham Castle (2014-2018), funded by the Digital R&D Fund for the Arts. Realtime VR Tours for Gallery of Justice and The Green’s Mill, Nottingham (2006-08). The Living Image, VR installation, Dana Centre, London International Festival of Theatre (2004). The Six Acts projects, site-specific acts – a site specific installation, Prague for SCENOFEST at the Prague Quadrennial.

Further to her PhD, she co-founded ‘Makers of Imaginary Worlds’ (MOIW) with the support of developing your creative practice fund. MOIW work explores mixed reality spaces that merge electronic and wearable technologies with traditional theatre craft to create sensory playful performance installations for young audiences. They work in partnership with the Lakeside Arts Centre and Mixed Reality Lab at the University of Nottingham. Their first interactive installation for children The Enchanted Forest at Theatre Hullabaloo in Darlington was seen by over 20,000 visitors ( 2018-19) and The Deep Sea Adventure opened in mid-November 2019.

She has designed and exhibited work in the UK and Europe since 2000. Her multidisciplinary research and development include – Artist in resident on Imagine Digital (2014) City Arts, developing digital artwork in Care Homes. Digital Artist on Near and Far project for early year arts in museum and nurseries with Acorn East Network, of artist and musicians (Norwich, 2018).

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“At times we think we know ourselves in time when all we know is a sequence of fixations in the spaces of the being’s stability- a being who does not want to melt away, and who, even in the past when he sets out in search of things past, wants time to ‘suspend’ its flight. In its countless alveoli, space contains compressed time. That is what space is for.” 

The Poetics of Space by French philosopher Gaston Bachelard.

Interested in my in what you see. Please do get in touch to discuss a new project, creative/ technology workshop, or commission.